Make caring for your parent compatible with your personal and professional life

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Navigate This Season…The Right Way

Catholic Daughter equips women with results-driven solutions and relatable support to journey through the season of caring for an aging parent with grace, peace, and joy without losing their mind or neglecting their family, self, career, or faith. We are committed to "walking with" women and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer the 4th commandment.

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The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent

Approach is everything! Imagine having an approach and system aimed at enabling you to conquer caring and live a win-win season of life. If you are looking to figure out a low-stress, guilt-free, and balanced approach to navigating caring for your parent while effectively managing all the other roles you love - you're in the right place! Uncover the best approach to live the life you desire and deserve during this season by joining The Successful Approach Workshop.


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Conquer the 4th Commandment

Restore Order to

your life

Caring for a parent is unlike any responsibility you've undertaken before

The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges of a Catholic caring for a parent differ from those that arise when caring for a child, relative, or friend. Catholic Daughter is the first of its kind ministry to develop professional support and solutions designed to address the unique needs of daughters just like you; intentionally aimed at leading you to live this season with clarity, confidence, grace, and, yes, even joy. You are worthy of world-class support, and Catholic Daughter is with you every step of your journey to #ConquerThe4th commandment.

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That's exactly what the Sunday Brunch newsletter is - a weekly conversation of support, encouragement, and accompaniment delivered to your inbox to kickstart a successful week and Conquer The 4th commandment!

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What Women Are Saying About Catholic Daughter...

When you join the Catholic Daughter Movement you will...

Caring for an elderly parent

Ease the challenges of caring for an aging parent


by unlocking expert-developed, result-oriented tools and strategies that solve the challenges you are facing in your role as a daughter and caregiver.

Alleviate the stress of navigating the unexpected and unknown


by learning the proven successful approach, developed by experts, designed to lead Catholic Daughters to balance, control, and purpose.

Gain confidence and clarity in your role


by engaging in actionable resources, tools, and strategies rooted in Catholic doctrine providing you wisdom, knowledge, counsel, and fortitude.

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The Signature Workshop

Secure the best approach to make caring for your parent compatible with your personal and professional life so that you can live the life you desire and deserve during this season.

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Catholic Daughter Rosary Made Of Palms

The Catholic Daughter Rosary - Handmade For You

Handmade in Colombia, South America, from native palm leaves, The Catholic Daughter Rosary was inspired by the palm branches that welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem. Palms represent a joyful act of faith for us as Catholics.

Let this handmade rosary, designed exclusively for Catholic Daughter, be your prayer to joyfully and humbly welcome Mary and Jesus into this milestone season of caring for your parent.

Caring for your parent will be one of the most important roles of your life. Conquer The 4th Commandment with what St. Josemaria Escriva describes as "a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence, and you’ll be amazed at the results."

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