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The Sorrows Of Mary For Catholic Daughters

A Community Of Catholics Caring For Aging Parents

Caring For An Aging Parent: The Successful Approach

Unlock weekly, actionable, practical, motivational, and on-demand tools and solutions. Yes, this community works and you'll love it.

Learn the successful approach to caring for an aging parent in less than 90 minutes. Yes, we mean it. This workshop works.

Spoiler Alert: None of your sorrows are meant to end in sorrow. God desires for you to live with joy. How does your suffering lead to joy?

Our mission


Caring for a parent isn't a role that most of us are taught how to undertake, let alone succeed. Instead, caring for an aging parent is a role that feels like someone just catapulted us into overnight! Fortunately, there is a proven path to care for mom or dad while maintaining balance, control, and purpose in your life, and you've found it! The journey to regain your life begins with The Catholic Daughter Workshop.

You love your parent, yet caring for them is not as smooth or easy as you imagined

The Catholic Daughter Workshop

Catholic Daughter Workshop

The successful approach

Caring For An

Aging Parent

Learn the proven success path you need to follow as a Catholic who cares for an aging parent and desires to live with balance, control, and purpose. This workshop is the crash course that clearly and practically answers your burning question - "How in the world am I suppose to do this?"

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Catholic Caring For Aging parents

Catholic Daughter Shows You Exactly How To

Restore Balance To Your Life

Replace guilt, frustration, and burnout with respect, virtue, and availability.

Regain Control Of Your Actions

Replace overwhelm, anger, and fear with composure, joy, and courage.

Catholic Caring For Aging parents

Care with Purpose

Replace confusion, anxiety, and doubt with clarity, confidence, and faith.

Remember To Fill Your Cup

We know you can't pour from an empty cup, so we created a community to provide you with the ongoing weekly support you need to recharge, renew, and replenish during this season of caring for your aging parent. We take care of you in this community by nourishing your whole person, mind, body, and soul. Here, you'll find what you need to infuse joy in your life, feed your mind, fill your heart, evoke peace, and belong to a space with relatable and like-minded Catholics.

The needs of a Catholic caring for mom or dad are unique. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual situations and challenges that arise for a Catholic caring for a parent differ from those that occur when caring for a child, relative, or friend. Catholic Daughter is the first of its kind ministry to thoughtfully and expertly develop support and solutions specifically designed to address the needs of an individual caring for an aging parent. You are worthy of world-class support. Catholic Daughter is with you every step of your journey.

Not all caregivers are equal.

What would your life look like if you knew exactly what to focus on, tools and strategies designed for a daughter caring for mom or dad, and the proper support systems to lean on?

You need support while caring for an aging parent. Without the proper support, caring for mom or dad can negatively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, including - failure to exercise, sleep deprivation, health problems, poor nutrition, depression, anxiety, abuse, spiritual depletion, and strained relationships, etc. At Catholic Daughter, our mission is to deliver what you need so that these things don't happen to you! We give you Christ-centered practical, actionable, accessible, and results-driven solutions that follow our signature, expert-developed, proven framework. You deserve professional, world-class support, and we're here to deliver it.

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The 7 Key Questions

Free Resource

Click the button to receive '7 Key Questions For Catholics Caring For Mom Or Dad,' therapist developed and refined by former Catholic caregivers.

Caring for an elderly parent

Caring for mom or dad should not manage you.

Ease the challenges of caring for an aging parent by unlocking expert-developed, result-oriented tools and strategies that solve the common issues and daily struggles you face through our community.

Alleviate the stress of navigating this unexpected and unknown role by learning the proven successful approach developed by experts designed to lead Catholic Daughters to balance, control, and purpose.

Gain confidence and clarity by engaging in actionable resources, tools, and strategies rooted in Catholic doctrine and championed by a relatable and like-minded community ready to provide you with wisdom and counsel.

We set out on a mission to care for YOU, the daughter who cares for her parent. You deserve world-class support and care.