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Answering The Call To Join The New Evangelization

Catholic Daughter is a one-of-a-kind ministry focused on daughters who care for mom or dad; showing them exactly how to successfully navigate the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that come with caring for mom or dad. We provide products and services for individuals, parishes, and Catholic companies, including our signature Catholic Daughter Workshop and The Catholic Caregiver Community. Utilizing modern technology as a vehicle for human and spiritual formation, Catholic Daughter answers the call to join the new evangelization and provides modern, engaging, and relevant faith-based tools and resources for Catholics caring for aging parents. Catholic Daughter is the trusted source for professional support and solutions rooted in Catholic Doctrine related to caring for an aging parent.

We set out on a mission to care for the caregiver, developing the first Catholic Caregiver Success Path and utilizing modern technology to deliver support and solutions in the most engaging and accessible manner possible.

Over 42 million Americans are providing care for an aging relative and 15% are caring for both a parent and dependent child.

of your daily actions, and care for your loved ones with purpose. After experiencing a lack of professional support focused on the caregiver's holistic well-being, our founders set off on a mission to provide practical, actionable, accessible, and results-driven solutions that enable caregivers to successfully navigate this unexpected, unknown, and complex role confidently. You are worthy of having Christ-centered world-class support. We're here to deliver it. Catholic Daughter is your trusted pillar, relatable community, and greatest champion while caring for mom or dad.

You're not alone in caring for an aging parent, and you are certainly not alone in having the "God, how in the world am I supposed to do this" feeling. Whether you care for mom or dad part-time or full-time, from a distance or in your home, your needs are unique during this season of life. Our role at Catholic Daughter is to meet those needs - mind, body, and soul. Catholic Daughter is a one-of-a-kind ministry serving you, the daughter who cares for her aging parent. Our products and services follow our signature, expert-developed, proven framework to guide you to restore balance to your life, regain control

Our Signature Support & Solutions

Learn the successful approach to caring for an aging parent in less than 90 minutes. Yes, we mean it. This works.

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Unlock weekly, actionable, practical, motivational, and on-demand tools and solutions. Yes, they work, and you'll love them.

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A Note From Our Founders

Becoming a caregiver to an elderly parent is a role that often hits unexpectedly. Many of us begin without being taught how to navigate or manage this role. Catholic Daughter was a response to God's call to develop a ministry focused on the holistic well-being of the caregiver. Catholic Daughter has unfolded into a fruitful community of Catholics caring for their parents who share the same mission of honoring father and mother while aiming to be in a healthy state of balance, control, and purpose in their own life. We hope to continue cultivating a space where Catholic daughters feel compassion, empathy, joy, and peace with every encounter while experiencing a positive transformation in their personal and professional lives. With the proper support and tools, we've witnessed that caring for an elderly parent can blossom into a beautiful vocation that transcends beyond the parent-child relationship and impacts generations. We look forward to getting to know you and serving you. Thank you for all that you do.

Maria & Natasha