The cost of caregiving in terms of lost productivity to U.S. businesses is $17.1 to $33 billion annually according to The University of Pittsburgh.

What happens when your female employees who are caring for an adult do not receive the proper support:




We enable the individual to leverage and implement their unique skills, talents, and experiences to drive results in their personal and professional roles.

We deliver professional leadership, skills training, and development tailored to the lifestyle and role of a working woman who cares for an elderly parent.

We cultivate a culture of support so that your employees recognize and remember how much you value them, especially during this challenging time.


From anxious to prepared


From dissatisfied to engaged


From overwhelmed to under control

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Your Employees Are Your Business's Best Short-Term & Long-Term Investment.

More than 50% of employees in their 40s and 50s are caring for an elderly relative, and 15% of employees are supporting both a child and elderly parent.

This season of life will not last forever, yet how you treat your employees during this time has permanent implications. Your employees will never forget how you treated and supported them during the most challenging seasons of their lives. Demonstrate your commitment to caring for your greatest asset by partnering with Catholic Daughter to restore balance, control, and purpose to their professional and personal lives.

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