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The number of Catholics who care for their aging parent is rising every day. At Catholic Daughter, we recognize the important and trusted role your parish community plays in the lives of your parishioners and their families. We understand your desire to serve them in a manner that transforms and aligns with our Catholic Doctrine. We've developed the expert-level solutions your parish needs to support and form Catholics who care for mom or dad.

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The fruits of catholic daughter support the entire family

"The most beautiful thing that God did, the Bible says, was the family"

Pope Francis

One in five Americans is caring for an adult, a number which is rapidly growing. Within your parish family, many have accepted the vocation of caring for an elderly parent. As Catholics, we are called to honor our father and mother through the 4th commandment. Yet, the role of caring for an elderly mom or dad often comes at the most unexpected times and takes this commandment to a dimension many of us do not expect. While this vocation can be filled with love and many graces, the reality is it is also filled with unknowns and challenges that can lead to stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, our Catholic faith provides us with an abundance of gems and answers along this caregiving journey. There has been a lack of trusted, accessible, actionable, and faith-based support that meets the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of Catholic caregivers...until now! After launching our support resources, including workshop and monthly membership, Catholic Daughter received numerous inquiries about providing support at a parish level. In response, Catholic Daughter has developed a collection of offerings derived from our proven success path to meet your parish’s unique needs. We know not all caregivers are the same. We also know not all parishes are the same. You know your parish community best, so we have a program to fit your unique needs. Catholic Daughter's parish offerings are turnkey programs.

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The role of parishes according to St. John Paul II - “the Church living in the midst of the homes of her sons and daughters."

A parish is where Catholics encounter and experience Christ intimately through the sacraments, The Word, and ministry.

By offering a Catholic Daughter's Parish Program You Will...

Catholic Church Parish Formation Program Catholic caregiver

Human life is sacred from conception until natural death. Promote a culture of life by supporting & educating on the side of the pro-life movement that is often missed.

Caring for an elderly parent comes with unknown and unexpected situations. With the proper support, ensure your parishioners' spiritual cups remains filled.

Promote Life

Strengthen Faith

Deliver Targeted Formation

Encourage Community

Ongoing human and spiritual formation is essential. Catholic Daughter provides both in a relatable and engaging manner aimed at this season of life.

There is a great strength that comes from being in communion with one another. Catholic Daughter is the bridge to gather parishioners who can relate to one another.

Catholic Church Parish Formation Program Catholic caregiver (1)
Catholic Church Parish Formation Program Catholic caregiver (3)

Ready to deliver the support and solutions your caring parishioners crave and need?

For we are his handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them. EPHESIANS 2:10

Catholic Caring for parent support parish formation

Catholic Daughter is a one-of-a-kind, caregiver-focused ministry serving the caregiver's emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs - supporting the whole person. Through turnkey programs derived from our expert-developed and proven success path, Catholic Daughter has the professional and trusted solutions rooted in Catholic Doctrine your parish needs to begin supporting and forming your caring parishioners.

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