If you are looking to figure out a low-stress, guilt-free, and balanced approach to navigating caring for your parent while effectively managing all the other roles you love - you're in the right place! Reading this page will be the best decision that you can make for your future. Uncover the best approach to live the life you desire and deserve during this season; it can be done!

Say No More!

I want to Conquer!




You deserve to nurture your roles, goals, responsibilities, and desires.

Make caring for your parent compatible with your life...without sacrificing what's important to you!

The system provided in "The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent" helps eliminate YOUR guilt, overwhelm, exhaustion, and enables you to refuel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

By simply readjusting your approach to caring, your journey can be a win-win for you, your parent, and all the other roles you play in life.

This new approach to caring for your parent purposefully enables you to give your parent care, respect, and dignity while allowing you to live out your responsibilities, goals, and desires — EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You play many roles in your life and your time is limited. It's a challenge to add one more thing to your schedule, drive to a therapist, coach, spiritual director, or even a weekly / monthly meeting. Yet, you come to the conclusion that you need help!

You need and deserve to be met where you are - that's why we created this action-based, results-driven, joyful workshop experience!

So if...

✅ You're a daughter who wants more stability in her personal and professional life while caring for a parent...

✅ You're a daughter struggling with caring and would like to manage your time and effort in the smartest and most effective way possible...

✅ You're craving a practical no-fluff roadmap to navigate your unique emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of caring for a parent...

✅ You desire to reduce the time, energy, and effort your spending as you try and figure it out yourself and instead simply implement ready-to-use proven strategies and techniques...

Catholic Caring for parent support parish formation

The Successful Approach: Caring For Your Aging Parent workshop can help!

As a loving daughter, you have a BEAUTIFUL opportunity to win moments across all dimensions of your life. We are so passionate about our solution-driven work at Catholic Daughter because we want you to win this season!

When you look back at this time in your life, we want you to be proud of how you lived the 4th commandment and managed your personal responsibilities and professional endeavors.

Balance quality time

with your spouse, children,

and parent

Focus on what matters &

continue using this approach

the rest of your life!

Master memorable moments

with your parent

Caring for an elderly parent

Be efficient at work

and a better caregiver

leaving guilt behind

Championed by professionals

in a practical and

encouraging manner

Discover, encounter, and experience your faith in unexpected beautiful ways

Catholic Caring for parent support parish formation

Here's What You Get With

The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent





Stories From Catholic Daughters

The 5 Catholic Daughter Elements

23 Ready-To-Use Strategies

10 Engaging Action Based Modules

Simplify how you approach your personal & professional responsibilities. These action-based modules are focused on providing no-fluff, results-driven support designed to target your unique challenges as a daughter who cares for her parent. Complete the modules at your convenience.

Stories are powerful. Learn from Catholic Daughters like you - wives, mothers, professionals...learn from their challenges and triumphs. Through these experiences, you'll find inspiration, encouragement, accompaniment, and lessons to fuel your journey.

We're all about results & efficiency. You'll receive 23 ready-to-use strategies proven to deliver results throughout your entire journey - even in the most unique personal, professional, and caring situations. These strategies target all dimensions of your life, not just caring.

Know exactly where to place your time, energy, and effort (PS. These key elements are lifelong! They will serve you even after your season of caring). The key elements our research uncovered will catapult you to balance, control, and purpose - whatever that means for you in your unique situation.

Value: $997

Value: $997

value: $497

Value: Priceless

Plus four amazing bonuses!

Receive the extra support you need, above and beyond what is already in The Successful Approach Workshop!

And...Receive The Catholic Daughter Manual

Immediately access the coveted Catholic Daughter Manual, only available inside The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent workshop. We did the heavy lifting so that you just have to plug in your unique situation and start taking action. The Catholic Daughter Manual outlines in a simple way the steps you need to take to conquer the unique obstacles you face and what to do when you hit roadblocks.

This oriented and strategy-packed manual is where you are catapulted into the personalized actions that will deliver win-win solutions for you and everyone involved in your life. Everything you need to craft your transformational game plan for this season of life lies between these pages.

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Simply stated this workshop is...

The Successful Approach workshop is a fast-track action-based training broken into bite-size modules that gives you the clarity and confidence you need to immediately restore balance in your life, to regain control of your daily actions, and to navigate this journey with purpose.

This workshop is designed to take you through the Catholic Daughter Journey where you will Embrace Your Role, Build Your Base, Nurture Your Skills & Knowledge, Master Your Journey and Conquer the 4th.

stage 1: embrace your role

Stage 2: Build your base

stage 3: nurture your skills

stage 4: master your journey

stage 5: conquer the 4th

By The End Of This Workshop You Will:

Clearly Sharpen Your Roles

Because caring is a role, there's a

right way and a wrong way to execute.

Learn exactly what you need to know and do to go from being overwhelmed to achieving control by clarifying how your roles fit in your overall life. Realistically nail down your roles as a daughter and a caregiver without hindering your personal and professional life. There's no need to continue spinning in circles; instead, define and execute your roles and responsibilities with confidence and clarity.

Confidently Pursue Self-Care

Because you need to take care of

you, you just need to adjust the how.

Start being a good steward to your body, mind, and soul while caring. Stop compromising your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. You know you can't pour from an empty cup - but it's now time someone taught you exactly how to act upon filling your cup. In this workshop, you will cross the bridge from being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually depleted to unapologetically setting and protecting essential boundaries that keep you moving forward.

Lean Into The Richness Of Your Catholic Gems

Because to act in good faith, you must be

grounded in truth.

Develop the faith, strength, and wisdom to undertake what comes your way, the good and the bad. To act in good faith, be a source of hope, and care with humble love, you must lean into your Catholic faith. When it comes to overcoming the challenges bound to happen and making critical decisions involving elderly care or end-of-life decisions, leaning into your faith allows you to ground yourself in truth, His will, and purpose.

Catholic Caring for parent support parish formation

Know How To Unite With The Right Resources

Because why juggle it all alone?

Instead engage the proper team.

Engage the proper team to conquer caring; juggling it alone is no longer necessary. Trust us; you have more resources available to your than you realize. Let's unleash the power of people and resources around you to allow you to go from feeling alone - tackling caring for your parent by yourself to opening up to your natural desire of being accompanied and embracing the help of others.

Be A Master Of Key Moments

Because you deserve to enjoy

moments in a state of peace and joy.

Overcome the disordered emotions you are feeling, such as guilt, anger, and frustration, and learn to become an architect of ordinary and extraordinary moments. The moments you create during this season of caregiving will add up to the moment in your life when you took care of your parent - let this be a season in your legacy that reveals the grace, love, and dignity with which you honored your parent.

Learn the successful approach for $47

When you engage The Successful Approach, you put order into your actions, make choices based on what really matters, and are driven by purposeful goals - you make life, work, and caring compatible.

Empty Nesters



Business Owners


Corporate Leaders

Why did these women succeed?

Because these savvy professional women realized that it was easier (and wiser) to tackle caring for a parent with a proven framework to see possibilities, and seek out trusted solutions and support - eliminating all guess work that comes without a proven approach!

So, instead of spending time, energy, and money trying to solve one problem at a time, they wanted to take advantage of a tried and true system - pre-empt, plan, and be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually levelheaded during this period of caregiving all while maintaining personal and professional balance and control.

Caring for your parent will be one of your top roles and legacies...with the right approach and effective strategies, you can win in life, at work, and in caring.

Allow us to be frank - daughters who decide to stay with their “I can do this alone” approach and chasing one problem at a time, find it harder and harder to navigate this season of life, as issues keep accumulating. They continue to hope that their situation will get better or change but the reality is without a successful approach it doesn't change.

The reality is, caring for a parent is a roller coaster of ups and downs and it will trigger emotional, mental, physical and spiritual depletion when not managed well. Why not implement a proven successful approach to make this season a win-win for you and all involved in your life.

But I am a woman with little discretionary time

We hear you! That's why we created a workshop you can navigate on your own terms...just 20-30 mins a week. From the start, you will experience transformation - Seriously! Even before unveiling The Successful Approach, the first thing we do is give you a technique to start implementing ASAP. We're all about action and transformation here at Catholic Daughter 😉.

Why is now the perfect time to take this workshop?

Caring for a parent is delicate and can be very heavy. It is a challenging journey. You need to build, nurture and master the right strategies, tools, and mindset to meet the moments or prevent them.

You do not want to be part of the rapidly growing statistics: 42% experience depression, mood swings, or resentment, 33% reduce working schedules, 25% experience health crises, 22% take a leave of absence, 43% experience a negative impact on an important relationship.

The sooner you implement the right strategies, proper tools, and correct mindset, the faster you will experience success in this journey.

Learn the successful approach for $47

Who are we...

Glad you asked! Since 2020, we have been working intimately with daughters who care for their mom or dad.

Our research produced an important discovery

they collaborated with experts in various fields (healthcare, leadership, theology, and current/former Catholic daughters) to craft an easier path - a successful approach to taking on this role of caring for mom or dad, conquering the last stage of 4th commandment!

We set out to uncover and create the best practices and approaches, not just from our founder’s experience but from other women. Research and insights led to the discovery of the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference. Our findings unveiled there were two groups of daughters: The Crisis Daughter & The Maximizer Daughter.

Founded to enable women to journey through the season of caring for an aging parent with grace, peace, and joy without losing their mind or neglecting their family, self, career, or faith. We are committed to “walking with” daughters to develop the knowledge and skills needed for this season in their life.

Catholic Daughter was inspired by our founder, Maria Gaviria, who took care of her mom and dad, as she managed her own personal life and professional career, winning 'Caregiver Of The Year' in 2020. In partnership with her daughter, Natasha Lovely, a psychotherapist,

Which daughter will you choose to become?

The Maximizer Daughter

The Crisis Daughter

Catholic Daughter Caring for aging parent

Unfortunately, this was a large segment of daughters. These goodhearted daughters were in a vicious cycle of crisis caring for their parents, and eventually, caring affected their personal and professional lives.

These goodhearted daughters preserved control. They identified what balance meant to them and confidently focused on "what really matters" during this season. They confronted caregiving with clarity and peace, despite challenging, unexpected and complex moments.

Needless to say, we paid attention to the maximizer daughters and learned firsthand what they were doing, how they were doing it, and why.

We set out to design all we learned into a simple, action and results oriented model enhanced by the collaboration of experts in the field - a collective genius!

It was also important to package and deliver in a way that best guided, coached, and inspired working daughters as they progressed through their caregiving journey. We wanted to make a difference!

And it worked!

On average our moms will need help for 3.7 years and our dads for 2.2 years in their elder years. We are delighted to be able to empower you through these years.

We tested our learnings


"Approach is everything! Although I consider myself an intelligent working professional, I was struggling caring for mom. Through The Successful Approach, I am able to apply simple yet powerful tactics that immediately change my day-to-day.

We launched to our personal and professional network. Soon they started sharing with their friends and colleagues. Now, hundreds of caring daughters have embarked on this season by being empowered with "The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent."

Given our founder is Catholic to the CORE, she wanted to build the best-in-class caring approach through leadership best practices, psychiatric techniques, all of it anchored by the beauty, goodness, and truth of our Catholic faith.

-Helen, Catholic Daughter

the results speak for themselves...

"Implementing The Successful Approach has allowed me to go from managing day-to-day problems to aiming toward acknowledging that this season can be a rich and meaningful experience. I had heard many times before, 'there is purpose in caregiving;' yet, this workshop is the first time someone has articulated and helped me understand what my unique purpose at this time is, not just for my parent but how it translates to other areas of my life."

"I have a clear vision of my desired balance. Knowing where to focus my time and energy has enabled me to focus on the things that really matter and let go or pause the things that were causing me stress."

"I have more control over my daily moments. Accepting my limits, eliminating the "only me" mindset, learning to delegate appropriately, and setting boundaries have made a tremendous difference. I've even been able to spend more joyful moments with my dad."



- Becky

Catholic Daughter

Catholic Daughter

Catholic Daughter

Catholic Church Parish Formation Program Catholic caregiver (4)

You do have options...but only one makes sense!

There are other ways you can learn about how to navigate this season of life - from mediocre Google results (at a cost hours of your time only to find information you already knew), weekly therapy (often hundreds of dollars a week), outdated support groups (leaving you frustrated that you didn't receive any practical tools), to the school of hard-knocks and trying to figure everything out on your own - but all of these cost you valuable time, effort, energy, and even money.

I mean, you can do these things if you want to, but we're pretty sure you'd rather win back your time, energy, effort, and save money...only one option makes sense, The Catholic Caregiver Community.

I want the successful approach for $47

We pride ourselves on our reputation! It's the reason we have daughters consistently give The Successful Approach Workshop a 5-star satisfaction rating and it's the reason we have a steady stream of women referred to us by those in our Catholic Daughter family.

We stand firmly behind everything that we offer in Catholic Daughter.

We understand that you may have been burned by flashy promises before, but we want you to know this. . . that is not who we are.

The successful approach

So Let's Recap...

Here's Everything You Get When You Enroll

23 Ready-To-Use Practical & Flexible Strategies

A Clear Path To A Win-Win Season Through The Successful Approach

Stories From Catholic Daughters

Caring for parent support (2)

Why This Matters: Who better to learn from than women just like you - Catholic, wives, mothers, professionals. Learn from the experiences of intelligent and faith-filled women who have conquered this season.

Why This Matters: You're a woman who maximizes, not a woman who lives in crisis. You deserve a low-stress, guilt-free, and balanced approach to make your life and caring compatible.

Why This Matters: We cut through the clutter and created strategies that work time and time again. There is no such thing as a "one-size fits all" approach that is why each strategy is flexible to meet your unique needs.

4 Bonuses To Keep You Moving Forward

Exceptional Multimedia Experience And Mobile App

The 5 Catholic Daughter Elements

Why This Matters: Know where to place your time, energy, and effort, to solve any problem you encounter. Our research found these elements to be the biggest drivers of success for women in seasons of caring.

Why This Matters: We are determined to make this season of your life successful! These 4 bonuses were designed, so you have extra support above and beyond what’s already in The Successful Approach.

Why This Matters: You deserve professional, world-class support. Your time is valuable and that's why our support is delivered to you. We don't expect you to meet our needs, we meet your needs!

I'm In! Enroll in the successful approach For $47

The best time to learn The Successful Approach was yesterday. The next best time is TODAY.

As Catholics, we know there are no coincidences in our lives - it’s not a coincidence you discovered The Successful Approach Workshop.

What could your life look like in 3-months, 6-months, and 12 months if you had a proven roadmap for this time?

Knowing how to make your life, work, and caring for mom or dad compatible will give you exactly what you’re after - a balanced life, whatever that means for you, a life that you’re in control of, and a life that enables you to live out the God-Given purpose you have been called to fulfill.

Let's do this!

get the successful approach for $47

Let's Talk Bonuses!

Bonus 4




End-of-Life Guide

10 Essential Moments

The Gift of Music

I Love My Sibling But...

Journey through an inspirational and impactful conversation, learning how music can help you process what you are living in this season and equip you to live this vocation.

Managing siblings is a challenging endeavor. In this bonus, you'll learn the strategies to safeguard your mental and emotional well-being while navigating siblings and caring.

We gathered 10 of the most memorable moments daughters created with their parents to live this season without regret. Take advantage of this final chapter with mom or dad.

End-of-life is a challenging time to navigate - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even logistically. Use this guide to help you prepare and understand end-of-life as a Catholic.



The World-Class Support You Deserve

PRICE: $47

Nurture your goals, desires, and responsibilities while caring for your parent - the secret lies in the right approach. The Successful Approach Workshop is the most comprehensive, professional, transformational roadmap to managing this season of your life. It is concise, memorable, and doable.

As soon as you enroll, you will discover a proven framework that enables you to navigate this effectively without disrupting your personal and professional responsibilities, desires, or aspirations.

What're you waiting for?

enroll in the successful approach


I don't have a lot of time, do I have to complete the workshop all at once?

I care for my parent from a distance. Is the material still relevant?

No way! We understand your current lifestyle most likely doesn't allow you to complete this workshop in one sitting; therefore, we designed it to be on-demand to complete at your own pace. You will encounter professional, ongoing strategies, techniques, and tools throughout the workshop to experience a real transformation from the beginning. You will receive a suggested action plan to follow, but this season of your life requires flexibility, so you can flex this workshop content to your needs.

Absolutely! Whether you care for your parent from a distance, in your home, part-time, or full-time, the responsibilities that you manage impact you. This role affects your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and you must understand how to address these needs. We even have daughters who have benefited from this workshop while caring for parents who live internationally.

Can't I just Google and find this content outside of this workshop?

I'm overwhelmed with caregiving information. How will this help me?

Nope. The materials you will receive are all original content developed by disciplinary professionals and women who have conquered this season. Everything is intentionally designed. When we say, this is a one-of-a-kind approach, we mean it's one-of-a-kind 🙂 Could you Google random solutions? Of course, you can! But how much time, energy, and effort are you wasting? Too much! Simply said - you're a click of a button away from a successful system and proven strategies and techniques that were created with you in mind (your whole self!) to save time, effort, and energy. Why not take advantage of this system and resources?

That's precisely why we gathered the best-in-class professionals and other women who have been through this season of life - to architect a successful approach that is concise, memorable, and doable. This workshop and the approach you will learn eliminates all the excess noise around you that's causing overwhelm, confusion, and preventing you from moving forward. The Successful Approach workshop simplifies the unknowns and unexpected this season leading you to a season of grace, peace, and joy without losing your mind or neglecting your family, self, career, or faith.

The best time to learn The Successful Approach was yesterday. The next best time is TODAY.

We can't wait to see the transformation you'll experience inside of The Successful Approach Workshop .

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