The Catholic Daughter Workshop

Caring For An Aging Parent: The Successful Approach

What if there was a clear path to caring for your parent without feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or living in chaos? The good news is, there is, and you've found it! Our signature workshop unveils the proven success path you need to follow if you desire to navigate this season of caring for mom or dad with balance, control, and purpose. We'll give you the clear and practical solutions you need to answer the question - "How in the world am I supposed to do this?"


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TimE & Location:


The comfort of your home. This workshop is on-demand in order to fit your unique needs.




Secure Confidence

Initiate Results

Gain Clarity

While fluff and frills can be fun, you're here because you need help and desire results. Our job is to deliver with excellence and quickly. We'll provide you with steps you need to take to kick-start results in your life and your role instantly. We know results matter.

Regardless of your expertise and previous experiences, the responsibilities you've undertaken do not come naturally. That's ok! We'll provide you with the tools you need to make decisions and act with confidence. Confidence is what propels you forward.

We'll share with you exactly where to direct your focus. By recognizing and understanding the five areas you should be focusing on right now, you'll eliminate unnecessary noise and overwhelm. Clarity is where transformation happens.

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The Bottom Line

You love your parent, yet caring for them is not as smooth or easy as you imagined. You want someone to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to regain control of your personal and professional life. Say no more, we get you.

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"This works! Anytime I feel overwhelmed, or at a loss, I look back to the success path and instantly know what I need to do to get back on track for myself and my family."

- Beth, Catholic Daughter

Everything That Is Included:

Learn the result-driven path to successfully caring for an aging parent. This doesn't need to be an overwhelming and chaotic season for you or your family. We researched, gathered the experts, and created the fast-track action-based workshop you've been craving to live with balance, control, and purpose. When you're ready, let's unveil the proven success path!


• 9 engaging Modules In both video and audio format
• Our expert-developed signature path to success
• actionable, practical, easy-to-implement strategies
• The catholic daughter manual

• Bonus: A Meditation & Reflection


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Catholic Daughter is a Catholic's trusted, relatable, and reliable source for information, tools, and strategies while caring for an aging parent.



"This workshop exceeded my expectations and was exactly what I needed! It was clear, engaging, and practical. My only critique is this is worth more than what you are charging."

- Lara, Catholic Daughter

Catholic Caring For Aging parents

Catholic Daughter Shows You Exactly How To

Restore Balance To Your Life

Replace guilt, frustration, and burnout with respect, virtue, and availability.

Regain Control Of Your Actions

Replace overwhelm, anger, and fear with composure, joy, and courage.

Catholic Caring For Aging parents

Care with Purpose

Replace confusion, anxiety, and doubt with clarity, confidence, and faith.

Have questions?

I care for my parent from a distance. Is the material still relevant?

How long will I have access to this workshop?

We've got answers

Absolutely! Whether you care for your parent from a distance, in your home, part-time, or full-time, the responsibilities that you manage impact you. This role affects your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and you must understand how to address these needs. We even have daughters who have benefited from this workshop while caring for parents who live internationally.

Simple answer - for a lifetime. Once you register for our Signature Catholic Daughter workshop, you will have access to it forever. This means you can refer back to it anytime you need. You will also receive access to any updates or additional features of this workshop free of charge. We mean it when we say we're here to help you succeed at caring for mom or dad!

How long will this workshop take to complete?

May I use and show this workshop at my parish support group or organization?

This role is often tagged as the "invisible role," and it's beautiful to bring light and support those who undertake this responsibility. Thank you for doing what you do! Please contact us for parish, group, or organization needs. The materials in this workshop, including our success path framework, are copyrighted and protected under laws that protect intellectual property and proprietary rights. This workshop and the materials are available for individual use only and may not be shared or distributed without prior permission.

The workshop takes less than 90 minutes to complete. We understand your current lifestyle may not allow you to complete this workshop in one sitting; therefore, we designed it to be on-demand to complete at your own pace. Valuing your time, we also ensure all the content is actionable and practical, aka no fluff. It's time for business.

Catholic Daughter Caring for aging parent

Should I attend the Catholic Daughter Workshop or join the Community?

Great question!

The Catholic Daughter Workshop is a one-time crash course providing you with what you need to launch into a successful role of caring for mom or dad. The community allows us to continue providing you with guidance, formation, and accompaniment every week. Caring for an aging parent is a role that evolves with time, and having the community available provides you with ongoing support and continuous formation for this season of life.”

Whether you take the workshop, join the community, or both is entirely up to you, your needs, and your desired level of support. Each is designed to lead you to success independently and complement one another collectively. Catholic daughters have experienced success in all three scenarios!

The straightforward answer - we highly recommend both! First, take the workshop to master the expert-developed success path. Second, join us in the community where we can nourish you every week to ensure you always remain on the path to success.

Our members have said it best: "The workshop taught me what I need to know, and the community has held me accountable to stay the course and keep moving forward on the success path."

"The workshop was like the teacher providing the information I need to succeed, while the community has been like the best friend who walks alongside me, cheering me on and giving me her best counsel every week."

Make yourself a priority. Self-care allows you to give the best version of yourself to others, not just give what's left of you.


"I wish this had existed when I was taking care of my mother. "

- Pam, Catholic Daughter

Catholic Caring for mom or dad

You owe it to yourself and your family to live with balance, control, and purpose.

Catholic Daughter is your trusted source for transformational tools and support as you care for mom or dad. This workshop was designed to teach you exactly what you need to successfully care for an aging parent without feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or living in chaos. These 90-minutes will be the best investment you make for yourself, your parent, and your family during this season of life. Let's get started...

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